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Module 2:  Craniofacial & Craniodental Development (DEPOSIT)
  • Module 2: Craniofacial & Craniodental Development (DEPOSIT)

    Module 2:  Craniofacial & Craniodental Development and their associated functions of breathing, sucking, chewing and swallowing and how they can influence the Health & Development of the Child.


    Course Length: 3 days


    Course Dates: 

    Friday 9th February - Sunday 11th February


    Cost: $1750


    Deposit: $250 deposit required to secure your place. Full amount of $1750 payable 10 days prior to course.


    Location: InTouch Health Co.

    1004/31C Lasso Road, Gregory Hills NSW


    Course Director: George Stylian


    The course is designed to teach the practitioner, (osteopathic, medical, or dental) the following:


    • Embryology, anatomy and physiology of the face and anterior neck structures in relation to the Primary Respiratory System
    • The physiological functions of breathing, sucking, chewing and swallowing and how they relate to the development of the face
    • Palpation, assessment and treatment of the cranial base, vault, face, mandible and teeth, and associated anterior neck structures incl. the Vagus nerve and thoracic inlet
    • How osteopathy in the cranial field is so connected to the dental paradigm in relation to the development of the face, mouth, tongue placement and thus the interrelated physiological functions of swallowing, mastication and respiration
    • How cranial base strains influence occlusion and the consequent development of the above mentioned
    • How the practitioner can identify these problems and treat them at their onset as to prevent later health problems involving the airways, occlusion and general health; and in turn to avoid complicated and expensive treatments later on in life
    • How to incorporate this body of work into a dental, osteopathic and medical practice
    • Issues related to nutrition and how that affects development of the whole body and health and specifically the face architecture. Trauma to the face and how it can affect craniofacial development
    • Assessment of occlusion and how orofacial myology exercises can help in the proper development of the face will also be demonstrated.


    Morning and afternoon tea will be provided


    “If you understand the mechanism, the treatment is simple.” W G Sutherland

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