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5 Tips for a Thriving Body at Christmas

By Naturopath, Charmaine Newmark

How is it that time of the year again folks? I feel like I only just began writing 2023 without trying hard! Christmas is fast approaching and I thought it would be a great time to share some simple, realistic tips that will support you to thrive, over the festive season!

I find the festive season really challenging for many of my clients. The combination of being so busy, hanging on for school to finish, all the shopping, all the processed foods and extra alcohol, doesnt take long to creep up and makes us feel pretty rubbish. So let's look after your mind, body and spirit together;

  1. HYDRATION: Hydration helps pick up toxins and take them out of the body. It also helps your body eliminate stress hormones and allow your body to relax. So whilst your running around like a fruit loop, dont ditch the water bottle! My hydration hacks are getting a 2L drink bottle you love drinking from. Fill it up when you are getting ready for the day, and its done! Flush the junk out of the trunk loves. If drinking more alcohol than usual, go the 1:1 method. 1 alcohol beverage to 1 glass of water.

  2. SLEEP: Soooo cliche I know! Especially if you have to wait up until the kids are asleep to move a little annoying elf! BUT sleep is so important for many reasons. If you are burning the candle at both ends, aim for going to bed just 30 minutes earlier. Even if you arnt able to sleep, rest is also helpful. Sleep helps up cleanse, detox and clear out stress and toxins. Do your nervous system a favour and give her some recharge time.

  3. RADICAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT (REM): You do not have to say yes to all the events, all the parties, all the concerts, all the secret santa organising! Say YES to what sparks joy for you, and be realistic with your capacity. Are you saying yes because you really want and have capcity too? Or are you saying yes because you should and feel guilty if you dont?

  4. WHOLEFOODS: Consuming wholefoods is one of the best ways to give your body what it needs to be supported through the festive season. A diet rich in plants will give your body the tools to detox effectively and clean out the junk from your gut. Aim for 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit. Dont reinvent what you are eating, just add to what you already do. EG A can of lentil in your spag bol and some brocoli with your pasta! Aim to incorporate a palm sized peice of protein with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Protein gives you the fuel to keep going, without the burnout at the end of the season.

  5. MINERALS & HERBS: A good quality Magnesium powder can be a game changer for letting your body relax and recharge better! It also helps you detox as well as 8000 other benefits. As a minimum, I recomend 300mg of Magnesium daily. One I regularly suggest my clients get is Fusion Magnesium Advanced from Chemist Warehouse. Herbal medicine can also be a great tool for supporting you from burning out or tipping in to anxiety. Even just a herbal tea is a great place to start! Enjoy my Destress or Detox Teas or the Destress drops for some chill SOS!

If you need a quick tune up, I’m here all Christmas and offering face to face appointments or telehealth appointments too. Please reach out if you need any support and have the most beautiful Christmas EVER!

Big love, Charmaine xxx

Existing clients may use the code THRIVE10 to recieve 10% off appointments until 31st January 2024.

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