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Bozena brings over 20 years of experience as a therapist, during which her journey took a pivotal turn following her children's diagnoses. Motivated by personal experiences, she delved deeper into the realm of neurodiversity, embarking on a transformative educational path. Bozena augmented her expertise by completing several building block programs at Aspect, alongside earning a Graduate Certificate in Autism. Currently, she is actively pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy studies, further enriching her understanding and practice.


As a passionate advocate for neurodiversity, Bozena is committed to celebrating its intrinsic value within our community. She is dedicated to supporting individuals in identifying barriers to their wellbeing, learning, and communication, while embracing and amplifying their neurodiverse identities and strengths.


Bozena's contributions extend beyond clinical practice; she is a featured contributor for Psychology Today, where she shares insights on nourishing the self-esteem of Autistic children from a parent's perspective. Her diverse qualifications include an MA in Psychology and a Graduate Certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies, which uniquely inform her holistic approach to therapy.


With empathy, dedication, and an unwavering belief in the power of neurodiversity, Bozena strives to foster inclusive environments where individuals feel empowered to thrive.

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