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The Healthy Trolley Tour - Sunday 5thNovember  6pm
  • The Healthy Trolley Tour - Sunday 5thNovember 6pm

    Grocery shopping can be so overwhelming when you are trying to be health conscious. Naturopath, Charmaine Newmark, will show you that it really doesn't have to be so hard or EXPENSIVE!


    What will be covered in the Healthy Trolley Tour?

    - Reading ingredient panels

    - Interpreting nutrition labels

    - Understanding shelf positioning, marketing and branding

    - Reducing your grocery bill while eating BETTER!

    - Reducing the impact of packaging on your BODY and the environment.


    The Back to School Shopping Tour will be held at Woolworths Spring Farm and will consists of an intimate group of six. Bring your reusable shopping bags and an open mind and learn how easy it can truely be. Learn how to feed your family without having to go to health food stores, farmers markets and cook everything from scratch. 


    Now don't get us wrong, we do love using some boutique products, supporting local and regularly frequent whole food stores. But we understand that the reality for many families is that it is not always a possibility. This workshop is for you if you are wanting to optimise the food you are putting on your families plates, learn how to navigate the overwhelming marketing strategies out there and find a WHOLE FOODS FOUNDATION that will always support your health goals, regardless of the latest health advise or fad.


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