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Our Psychologists are approved for a variety of rebates and services to help you access treatment at InTouch Health Co.



Our Psychologists, Elizabeth Simoes, Dedar Abdula, Nina Housbey and Bozena Zawisz are all registered providers for a variety of private health funds. On the spot health fund rebates are available through HICAPS. We will simply swipe your membership card and you will only need to pay the gap. The rebate amount will vary depending on your cover. Check with your health fund provider to find out how much you will receive for each psychology treatment.

Please note: A private health fund rebate can not be claimed for a consultation that is receiving a Medicare rebate.



Medicare rebates are available for Psychology with a valid GP referral under the Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) program. 

If you have a valid MHCP from your doctor you can claim a Medicare rebate for each 55 minute session. Up to 10 rebates can be claimed per calendar year. 


You will need to pay the full consultation fee up front and the rebate will be processed directly to your bank card.


General Psychology

Fee$190 | Medicare Rebate $93.35 ($96.65 gap payable)

Bozena Zawisz Fee $214 | Medicare Rebate $93.35 ($120.65 gap payable)


Alternatively, if you have not registered your bank details with Medicare we can provide you with a receipt to make a claim at your local medicare office. 

Don't have a MHCP? First, book an appointment with your doctor. Tell them you would like to talk about a Mental Health Care Plan so they can set aside enough time for your appointment. 

Please note: Your MHCP needs to be addressed to InTouch Health Co. or to one of our Psychologists.


We accept NDIS Plan Managed and NDIS Self Managed. 

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