Balanced Ligamentous Tension (Part 2) - Presented by George Stylian

Balanced Ligamentous Tension (Part 2) - Presented by George Stylian

This course will cover the Principles of Treatment in the application of ‘balanced ligamentous tension’ as taught by Dr William G. Sutherland, DO. (Completion of Part 1 not required to attend Part 2). 


The course will begin with a short historical account of how BLT was developed by Dr Sutherland including the Principles of Treatment, recent research on fascia as a bioelectrical tissue, and how fascia is primary to the concept of human biotensegrity. The embryology of the long bones, muscles and related articulations will also be discussed in relation to their development according to Blechschmidt’s interplay of metabolic fields.


The course will cover the assessment and treatment of the articulations of the periphery of both upper and lower limbs as well as the articular mechanisms of the axial skeleton and pelvis. Other applications to the lymphatics, liver, gall bladder and spleen will also be included.


The importance of therapeutic vectors will also be covered including those used by the patient, such as postural co-operation, breathing and the ‘nut and bolt’ principles in treatment as taught by AT Still.


The course will follow the format of a short presentation on each articular mechanism to be treated, followed by demonstration of the assessment and treatment of the articulation. The mechanics of ‘lesion’ will also be included. Where some articulations may have more than one application in their treatment, additional applications will also be shown.


This course will allow lots of time for practical sessions and plenty of time for discussion and demonstration. It will also be lots of fun!


Course Director: George Stylian

Venue: InTouch Health Co. 

1004/31C Lasso Road Gregory Hills NSW

Student to tutor ratio 5:1

Morning and afternoon tea will be provided


“If you understand the mechanism, the treatment is simple.” W G Sutherland